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Saturday, November 15, 2008
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I was walking through the park today and through the indian summer i made my way on these old paths amongst the falling leaves
in a daze
in a day-dream my head floated
out of the corner of my eye a familiar smile
the corners of eyes I have seen before and knew well.
but those eyes no longer set fire to the night
no longer search this world for beauty and truth
I saw her, this Doppelgänger of a friend passed
my heart flipped and my eyes watered
forgotten - those who have gone before us
memories and joys I recall came flooding back
In these stranger's eyes I felt comfort in those fond memories of when I was younger than today when all our friends were around to laugh to play

hey hey bilvox! this is liana! a brazilian singer you met a loooong ago...
how are you? hope everything is fine :)
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